Victoria Absoluta (VA) defines the age in which mortalkind has prevailed beyond The Reckoning. While multiple religions debate upon the events that occurred within the Reckoning, all agree that the Victory of mortalkind was absolute. For this reasoning, Victoria Absoluta marks a recorded age in which knowledge began to slowly accelerate.  Multiple mortal civilizations began logging their innovations, and by the year 1500 VA, many civilizations have created established governments.

Notable Dates:
1 VA: The Endless armies of Materialis return home from the events that occurred within the Reckoning. Communication between civilizations reaches an all time low.

15 VA: Post-conflit population surge causes expansion of many mortal civilizations.

150 VA: Territory conflict sparks the Coronian crisis. This crisis would continue for quite some time.

670 VA: Overextention  causes the collapse of the Coronian expanse, returning man nations to their former status. Many of these countries prove incapable of leading themselves after 500 years of conflict. Handful of nations fall to civil war.

810: The Age of Artifice begins as magi begin tinkering with metals, tools, and gears. <Nation> becomes revolutionized by creating the Forged, a race of automatons capable of solving problems. 

820: <Nation> crates a subset of the forged designed for combat. These forged were dubbed "Warforged" and were granted a deeper understanding of the world around them. Able to determine friend from foe and understand the concept of loyalty, the <Nation> crisis emerged as this automaton race began to rebel.

835: After the crushing of the <Nation Crisis>, the Warforged under <Nation>'s command were brought back to the task at hand: invading and destroying the Nation of Coronnia for their prior atrocities against <Nation>. The events of the Materialian War proceed.

More to come.


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