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"Worlds are held in so fine a balance - - a ship flailing endlessly amidst a sea of chaotic ruin yet never capsizing. Even the faintest action(choice, the true power of mortalkind) is capable of such mighty waves of change. You are born into a world ignorant of its details, and you see the narrow perspective of life through juvenile eyes. Such change, such fragility, remains invisible to you. "Heroes" clash against "villains," "good" purges "evil," and the innocent are saved from the terrors of the guilty. As your veil of ignorance fades, you see the flailing scales for what they truly are. Justice becomes remarkably cloudy, and life's balance hinges on this hazy justice. This tale is truly one of balance: of giver and of thief, of subtlety and of grandeur, of hunter and of hunted, of brother against brother, of gate and of its keeper. More importantly, this is a tale of men who witnessed the scales of balance like none before them.

We know of their exploits.

-- of their choices.

-- of their failures.

-- of their absolution.

It is a tale of men close to my heart, for I revere them like none other. It is a tale I recall and recount evermore, for I keep it forever close to the core of my being. Of course, you of all souls should remember them, but that's just the nature of Materialis, isn't it?"

                                                                            -A Bystander, 2441 VA

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